The Distinction Between Vacuum Tea Bags And Ordinary Tea Bags

2019-05-29 11:47:06 14

Vacuum is more conducive to storage! Tea vacuum, on the one hand, to isolate tea from the air, reduce the tea polyphenols oxidation of substances; On the other hand, it can be wet and separated! There is a strong adsorption of tea, if the vacuum can achieve the same as ordinary packaging Moistureproof function!!

The vacuum packaged tea can generally be preserved for 18 months.

Ordinary tea bag material if not have a vacuum will leak!

Customized Vacuum Tea bags, I propose to find a vacuum tea bag custom experience manufacturers, because this can reduce you a lot of time costs, and can give you a lot about packaging design and customization recommendations.

Now the living standard improves, basically is the vacuum tea bag. This can improve the shelf life, longer preservation time, and more conducive to product sales.